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What is online trading, and can beginners succeed in it?


In simple terms, online trading involves buying and selling financial instruments. The trading could happen on the financial instrument itself or its derivative. A derivative is described as a financial instrument whose value is tied to that of an underlying asset. CFDs are derivatives, given that the volatility of the underlying asset influences their value. You don’t have to own an asset physically to trade its volatility through CFDs.


What is the role of the broker in online trading?


The trading of financial instruments on the web is facilitated by financial brokers. These brokers act as an intermediary between the trader and liquidity providers. Some brokers are also liquidity providers. All trades must be passed through a licensed financial broker for execution. The brokers make money by charging a spread on the trade. Some brokers also charge commissions. Bitcode AI links to top quality globally recognized financial brokers.


What platforms are used for online trading?


The broker provides the platforms used to execute orders in online trading. There are many platforms, but the most popular include the MT4 and the cTrader. At least 80% of the brokers provide the MT4. Some brokers also provide powerful proprietary systems. Our tools are compatible with all the trading platforms provided by the underlying broker.


How do I get the best out of online trading?


Online trading can be highly rewarding when done correctly. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Traders must take it as a business to succeed. The trading tools under Bitcode AI can make trading extremely easy. However, you still need to put in some hours of trading preparation before going live. Failure to master the trading tools can lead to a negative trading outcome.


Can I use the Bitcode AI tools to analyze and trade other assets?


Bitcode AI is more popular among crypto traders. However, you can use some tools to analyze and trade other assets. We are gaining massive popularity in stock and market indices trading. Our team is working hard to launch more tools for this purpose. We help traders conduct research and execute high-quality trades on trending assets. Our tools have gained massive popularity for helping many capitalize on the NFTs craze.


Why is the Bitcode AI app not listed on Google Store and Play Store?


BitCode AI tools integrate with the MT4 or the cTrader as provided by the underlying broker. Use may also use the tools via select proprietary trading systems provided by the broker. You need to register with us first to access the broker’s system integrated with tools. On completing the registration, the broker will instruct you on what to do to access the trading systems customized to support our tools. You don’t have to master the MT4 or the cTrader to use our tools. The trading systems integrated with our tools are quite easy to use.


How do I test the BitCode AI tools on the demo?


You will find a link to the demo through the broker. The demo user interface is 100% similar to the live trading account. Navigate to the trading bar and select the tool to try on the demo platform. Adjust the trading tools as directed in the video explaining the settings. Run the tools on the demo and tweak them to fit your trading goals.


Why is BitCode AI linked to CFD brokers?


Bitcode AI helps you trade hundreds of CFDs on stock, forex, commodities, and crypto. The trading tools under this brand are highly specialized for CFD trading. We have a history of helping traders achieve huge success in derivatives trading. Our team is working hard to ensure you always remain on top of your trading game. The BitiCodes tools integrate with the CFD brokers to help you capture opportunities in all the tradable instruments.